What is haptotherapy?


Haptotherapy is a form of treatment which helps you experience being more ‘present’ in body and mind, and guides you in gaining more trust towards your own feelings. Through better understanding of your own physical and emotional signals, you will be able to interact with the world in a way which better suits you and helps you to reduce stress. 


Your sessions will include insight into your thinking patterns, your qualities and your specific challenges. You will experience a deeper understanding of how you position yourself in life, as well as in relation to others through “experience exercises”. These exercises will help you observe the patterns and positions your mind and body take. This specialised awareness will in turn enable you to create change in certain areas of your life which you may want to improve upon.


One of the important features of Haptotherapy is the element of touch. Through means of respectful and affective touch, you can experience real contact with your inner self and how you interact with others. 



The concept of Haptonomy is derived from the conjunction of the classic Greek term hapsis, which means touch, sense, sensation, tact and the word nomos meaning law, rule and norm. Haptonomy is an approach that is focused on the development of human affective and social relations. It was developed in the 1950’s and 60’s by Dutchman Frans Veldman, who was originally a fysiotherapist. 

Haptotherapy uses the principles of Haptonomy for the supportive guidance of individuals, couples or groups.